Article Marketing

Juno Copywriting offer a fast and unique article marketing service that blows the competition out of the water.

We are experts in SEO and often recommend clients consider article marketing as part of their SEO strategy. By working with Juno Copywriting and employing article marketing as an SEO technique, we can help you build links to your website, increase awareness of your brand and establish your company as a thought leader online.

We focus on writing articles for clients that are exciting, compelling and informative. We only work with copywriters who are native English writers and speakers, so you can be sure that articles written by Juno Copywriting are grammatically correct and use British idioms that your potential customers will understand and identify with.

Why work with Juno Copywriting?

Article marketing can be a time consuming task if you are not familiar with writing. The whole process of writing and then marketing the articles can be daunting when you are new to the game. Juno Copywriting can help your business incorporate article marketing into your SEO strategy, helping you demonstrate to a wider audience that you are the experts in your field.

When working with Juno Copywriting, you can be sure that you are getting the best value copywriting service for your money. Our copywriters produce well-research and completely unique content, so you can be sure that articles written for your business won’t harm your SEO with ripped-off duplicated content.

Article marketing can also help increase traffic to your website. By publishing articles in the right places, articles written by Juno Copywriting can rank in search engines for what the industry calls ‘long tail key words’ or searches that are made up of phrases, not just single words. By creating informative and useful articles, readers may then follow links to your website and go on to become customers. If the articles are helpful to internet users then they may be shared across the internet at no extra cost or effort to you.

How article marketing with Juno Copywriting can benefit you:

Improve rankings for your main keywords
Increase traffic to your website
Establish your company as the leader in your field of expertise
Well-written and useful articles can ‘go viral’


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