Articles are a great way to provide information which can be a posted on a blog, on a web page, or simply something users can download through another format, such as a PDF or Word Document.

Articles provide a range of information for users and professionals, and can be the key to your website’s success. If your website is a resource based site, articles are the best way to provide the information users are looking for, without taking up too much space, or offering streams of content, which many users would not sit and read through. You can offer an option to download single articles or multiple files. Well written articles also engage your users, ensuring they return to your site, time after time.

When producing articles for our clients the team at Juno Copywriting take time to find out exactly what our clients want and how to target the audience, keeping tone of voice and style of writing consistent across the board. Research is key when producing top quality articles, it is something we pride ourselves on and something we really enjoy.

Articles don’t necessarily have to be online, we can produce them for print, leaflets and brochures. If successful, these pieces of creative content can be used in other forms such as press and PR. We can also create ways of sharing interesting articles with other users, either through social media or email.

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