Blog Creation

Nobody understands your business like you do… but we want to.

The ability to write passionate, engaging text that encourage the reader to buy on the spot or contact you for a quote isn’t held by everyone. This is where Juno Copywriting can help.

We create original blog posts that are specifically optimised to incorporate your website’s main keywords. We understand the part that your blog has to play in your overall marketing strategy and take your brand values seriously.

Working with you to create fresh written content for your blog, we establish what you are looking to achieve with the blogs we write, the image you wish to portray and the keywords you want to rank for in the search engines.

Blogging has become a huge part of online marketing, with companies keen to get fresh and unique content uploaded to their websites several times a week. However, many business owners find that they do not have the time to write company blogs or they do not feel confident enough to write blog posts that speak on more informal levels.

Passing the responsibility of blogging to junior members of staff isn’t always the answer either. Less experienced members of staff may be unsure of the best topics to cover, SEO copywriting techniques or may take a long time in pursuit of blogging perfection.

It is very easy to go off topic when blogging and before you know it, your in-house novice blog writer has spent 3 hours on a 1,500 word essay including everything the writer knows about the subject of double glazing. Juno Copywriting offer a blog creation service that will save your company time and get you noticed online with professionally written blogs.

The benefits of working with Juno Copywriting:

Save time by passing blog creation over to Juno Copywriting
Blog posts are professionally written and always ‘on-brand’
Our blog creation service is a cost-effective solution
Regular and fresh content is great for SEO


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