A busy writing week

There, as always, has been a slightly manic office this week, we’re not complaining, in fact we enjoy the challenge (plus it makes the week fly by).

We’ve had a stream of new clients requesting our services for blogs, web content and SEO. On average, we write for 13 clients a day. Some clients request us blogs on a daily basis, which enables their sites to climb the Google pages, it’s also a nice feeling to see that the work you do for these clients, has positive results.

It really is an art form to get the balance of good copy, that a broad audience can read and understand, offers the information they will require, but also is dusted with SEO. There is a line that can be crossed when trying to cram too much SEO into a page and the outcome of that is, Google turns it’s back on you. It’s over kill, plus it could end up reading like some terrible crime thriller.

So, as writers, we believe strongly that A) the user is important, after all, they are the ones clients are trying to hook in, to purchase products and services.  B) What you do to get those customers must not affect the quality of the copy.

With these points in mind we’ve been writing for a range of very nice clients. Natura Skin Clinic has been re worked and now offers a daily blog, which focuses on elements of treatments and relative news.

Content has been re written for Experience Nottinghamshire and Hancocks, which have both seen a rise in visits to their sites after loading the new content.

Finally, Simply Ties requested new SEO content for its category pages and has seen quite an increase in the analytics.

These results makes the Juno writers very happy and slightly smug.

Have a great weekend

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