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This week we’re having a good old nose at blogs and blogging, today we’re looking at the best blogs in the UK, award winners and content that gets thousands of hits every day.

Every year many writers, whether they be professionals or amateurs, enter their blogs into a range of awards that cover a huge array of industries including fashion, beauty, travel, hobbies and business, which are then followed, read and graded.

Awards such as the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and Marie Claire Blog Awards grant those fashionistas the seal of approval. You can also find the Little Blog Awards and Education Awards, in fact, there are so many blog award categories, there is something for everyone, and they are pretty simple to enter.

This years award winning blogs include:

Heart Handmade for DIY

Dolce Vanity for Beauty

Adventures of an unfit mother for parenting

As well as hundreds of other top blogs in a range of categories.

Whether you follow a blog because of the nature of the content, or the inane ramblings, people can become very attached to the posts. I run a private blog, and like I’ve mentioned before, the key to being successful is a constant stream of posts, so your audience doesn’t get bored. I’ve had requests for another blog “when are you going to post again”, when I’ve not had time to write something, which is a rather nice feeling. Also, with platforms such as WordPress, you can see who your audience is, you can see where they are reading, who’s commenting and sharing your work.

Whether you write a blog for fun or for a company, it’s always worth putting your work forward into a blog award, especially if you know that your blog has many followers and does well in terms of ranking in search engines, after all, you have something to say, why not shout about it!

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