Boost Your Blog’s Credibility

Obviously, we love blogs here at Juno Copywriting. They’re a fantastic tool to boost your search engine ranking as well as helping you create an engaging experience for your users. However, you’ve got to be believable. This is essential when you’re looking to build your blog’s – and your brand’s – reputation.

We’ve had a think and have come up with some of the most important things to remember if you want to boost the credibility of your blog.

Relevant Content

Only post content that’s relevant. When someone clicks on your blog, they’re going to have an idea of what they want to find. Whether that’s information that you’ve promised them or just further exposition of your brand, they have certain expectations. If these expectations aren’t met, don’t expect them to hang around for long.

So, first thing to remember is to keep all your content tight and relevant. Don’t start meandering tangents, or talking about products that are entirely non-related. After all, we expect content we read online to be concise and clear, and to deliver what we’re looking for. If it doesn’t, there’s other websites that might be able to – only a click away.

Keep track of your comments

While search engines love their fresh content, people might require a little extra. If someone’s taken time to post a comment on your blog, make sure to value their contribution and reply to them. Whether you receive praise or criticism, even a small response to a comment can show you value people’s input. If you’re looking to create an engaging, believable online experience, then interacting with your users plays a key part in this.

Self Promotion

Okay, so you might want to project confidence about your brand, but be careful not to overdo this. By insisting you’re the best, the number one in the world, then people are likely to be turned off. If you do this repeatedly, your blog will rapidly lose all credibility.

Instead of telling people you’re the best, try to show them. By highlighting things you can offer your website users, they’ll soon come to realise how good you are in their own time.

The more you blog, the better you’ll get at it – so there’s no excuses, get updating those blog pages.




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