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So, I’m going to broach the subject of Christmas, and yes, I know its something you probably don’t want to think about quite yet, but we’re getting our team in order, being super organised and touting our wares for Christmas.

We recently sent out a marketing email to remind our web design clients that Christmas is around the corner, it had a great response and the design team are sorting out banners and designs for eCommerce and WordPress sites for Christmas.

So, the same goes for Christmas Web Content. Whether that be a specific page, a blog or a product description, if you’re trying to push your products and services for the Christmas Period, you might need some creative inspiration, or, lets be honest, someone to just ruddy get on and write it, luckily that someone is Juno Copywriting. 

We don’t just deal with web content, if you need copy writing for print, advertising, or even a radio commercial, yes! we have experience Radio copywriters in house who can put together  campaign leading up to the festive period then something for the January sales

If you’re looking to sort content and copy for the festive period, don’t leave it to the last minute. If you’re going to tackle it yourself, consider what you offer that your customers will love, is it unique? Is it the Cheapest?

You’re never going to win the Google Ranking wars for the word “Christmas” but you might get quite high up for phrases such as “Christmas Wreathes Nottingham”. Localise your product and service and make it unique.

If in the end you don’t have the time or the first idea how to go about creating Christmas Web Content or Festive Copy, contact the team at Juno Copywriting, we’re more than happy to put together some samples, update your web content, write an advert and run your social media accounts.

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