Cut your editing time in half – read your blog writing aloud

It’s odd but true that reading your blog writing aloud improves fluency and makes it easier to read. It’s true for all forms of writing but the conversational tone of most blogs, even if they’re for business, makes them ideally suited to the practice.

Why does it work?

Reading your blog writing aloud helps you spot the bits your readers will struggle with. If you stumble over a word, or have to start the sentence again with a new emphasis, your readers will have to read it twice. And readers, especially on the Internet, don’t enjoy reading things twice.

In fact, most readers skim online material because it’s a huge source and they can easily click back to Google and find something else to read or discover other blog writers they’d rather look at or even start their own blog writing.

Did you run out of breath? We did. Which leads us to the next golden rule: If you can’t read it in a normal breath, the sentence is too long. Try chopping up your clauses and if in doubt, always start a new sentence.

How can it help?

Reading aloud also helps you pick out your paragraphs in blog writing. Skim readers like to know which bits are relevant to them and which bits aren’t. New paragraphs help make your blog writing more approachable, and encourage your readers to find the parts they like.

When you’re reading aloud, you’ll feel your tone of voice sink when you get to the end of a paragraph and you’ll probably pause. If your original blog writing doesn’t have a new paragraph here, this is where it should be.

When should I do it?

Right now. You may not have the space to bawl out a monologue, and you might feel a bit silly doing so. Instead, try whispering under your breath. You’ll get all the benefits without cause for embarrassment and we guarantee your blog writing will improve.

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