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Today, I’ve asked our very wonderful and talented work experience candidate- Emily, to pen a blog about her time and experiences with the Juno Team. Some may or may not know, we offer placements and training for work experience students and grads. If the following floats your boat and you would like to get into the world of writing, contact us at any time.

Take it away Emily :

My Juno Work Experience

Hi. My name’s Emily, and Juno has been my home for the past couple of weeks during my work experience. So, here I am, writing yet another blog, something I’ve become used to… But this time, it’s about my own Juno experience. Scary.

There have been highs, lows, dramas and Hollywood endings… Okay, not so much, but it has been illuminating nonetheless.

Please, Sir, can I have a job?

Two weeks ago today, I was floundering around in the world of graduate unemployment.

With a good degree and an enthusiastic attitude, I thought someone would surely have me. But the perpetual need for ‘experience’, whatever that is, was my downfall. Though daytime TV has its attractions, endless failed job applications really are no fun.

It’s no exaggeration to say that work experience with Juno has helped to restore a bit of faith. Most importantly, it has given me some exciting new avenues to explore in the never ending job hunt.

Writing you say?

I’ve always enjoyed writing but for some reason had never considered ‘doing something’ with it.

During my two weeks at Juno, I have written daily on topics that would otherwise completely pass me by. This has, I hope, made me into a better writer. Though some might come more naturally than others, there’s no shame in knowing about bricks or wrestling or where to stay in Newark. It’ll all come in handy eventually. And, of course, it’s all valuable experience.

Despite my initial cluelessness and the continual learning curve, the Juno team have been really welcoming. True, I still don’t understand most of what goes on, but I’ve learnt a lot nonetheless.

Charley, the copywriting lady, has been fantastic. Though I might still be new to all this copywriting jazz, it really is encouraging to know that I could do it. She has opened my eyes to something that I hadn’t considered before. Who did I think wrote all the stuff on websites? I’m not sure, but I now feel like I could be one of those people.

‘Freelance writing’ might’ve been an abstract concept before, but she has encouraged me to give it a try. So, watch out. The Ginger Scribbler, coming soon to a website near you.

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