How to write a really great blog post

Your company’s blog is one of the most powerful internet marketing tool your website could have. Not only does your blog have a positive impact on SEO (search engines love fresh content), but it can give your company a more friendly and approachable face and reassure new customers who aren’t aware of your brand that they are buying from a well-maintained business run by conscientious staff.

You might not consider yourself a great writer but there is no reason why anyone with a good grasp of the English language shouldn’t be able to write a good blog post.

If this is true, what are the components of a good blog post and is it really that formulaic?

Firstly, writing a great blog post doesn’t have to follow a formula as such… of course you need a start, a middle and an end but there are a few other things you can tick off on the way.

- Keep your blog post short. People scan websites and blogs, they don’t sit there any read pages from top to bottom. If you start to bore your readers then they will disappear before you get to tell them what really matters. We think 500 words is a good maximum length to aim for.

- Keep your blog post to the point. Writing blogs is completely different to writing a monthly progress report and it is very easy to go off topic. If you go off topic then you can lose readers as you will inevitably start to ramble and this won’t hold people’s interest for very long.

- There is nothing wrong with making your blog look nice. Don’t be afraid to add images to brighten up your blog post and draw the eye around the page.

- Give your blog an exciting title to entice people in to reading, this is called linkbait. Check out our blog post on writing great headlines.

- Try and be original. It’s hard to be truly original but add a degree of your personality and opinion in to offer a more unique appeal to your company’s blog.

- Be honest, most people can see through somebody who just spouts a load of hot air. Avoid clichés and don’t make boastful, bold and outrageous claims that you can’t back up.

Like with weight training or playing a sport, the more blog writing you do, the better you will become at it, so don’t be shy and write really great blog posts.

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