Launch of Juno Copywriting

There is a buzz in the office due to the fact that we are now building a powerful creative team under the Juno umbrella.

At the start of the new year, Charley Christopher joined the Juno team to head up Juno Copywriting. Charleys background includes 6 years as a radio advertising copywriter and creative, plus a year of freelance work, focused on web content, SEO, blogs and articles.

This enables Juno to provide the complete package to clients.

The heart of the company provides web development and design. They are specialists in Magento, a platform which enables companies to sell online and create e-commerce stores, which also includes rich SEO content.

As a company, we have realised, like most, the importance of great content. Aesthetically, design will make a site look stunning, but copy will not only provide the user with the information they desire, but SEO will help rankings in search engines, thus increasing the flow of users and customers through companies sites.

So, what projects are we currently writing for?

Natura Skin Clinic provides a range of treatments to improve the look of skin and leave a natural complexion. Juno Copywriting writes a blog post everyday for Natura. Our other daily blog post clients include My Wrestling Room and Select Factoring.

Other companies which have seen an increase in site visits and blog comments include Keep Me Inspired, Naked Body Care and Stretch Mark Solutions.

Whenever Juno creates a new site or store for clients, most clients would opt to copy content from an old site, but this is a big no-no. It will do you no favours and lets be honest, Google loves fresh, unique content. It’s wise to invest in a content writing service, you will see the results and greater engagement from users, rather than your site sitting quietly in the background.

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