Lets make it a creative 2013

New Year, New You, Fresh Start and all that jazz! It’s 2013 and we can feel it in our loins, its going to be a good one.

In terms of Juno Copywriting our first year was a blast, we learnt a lot, we worked hard and we got to meet and work along side some amazing clients. 2013 see us using everything we’ve learnt and placing it into a well oiled process, offering not only existing clients, but new clients, a huge variety of content, for digital platforms and other media.

Not many people realise that we are a full content service, i.e. we specialise in blogging, web content, but also advertising copywriting, creative ideas, concepts, anything that needs an element of thought and creativity.

Last year we wrote:

Web Content
Social Media Posts
Greetings Card Prose
Product Information
Press Releases
Brand tag lines

We pretty much wrote everything…. including shopping lists and love letters.

So, as you can see, there is a wealth of experience and talent at Juno Copywriting. We realise that time is precious and we’re here to pick up the slack when our clients don’t have time, plus we love to write.

If you’re seriously thinking about upping your game on the World Wide Web, from last years Google updates, it is clear that the search engine LOVES unique fresh content, and on a regular basis. No, this doesn’t mean copying and pasting bits and bobs from other areas, it means sitting and penning a good blog or some new content, and this is where clients get unstuck, don’t worry, that’s why we’re here.

Juno Copywriting writes blogs every day for a range of clients, these inlcuding fashion, to finance, home accessories and fitness. Some clients like us to write for them once a week, some everyday, but take it from us, the more content you add, the better your chances are of climbing the rankings organically

Give the writing team a shout, and let us manage your content for 2013.

Juno Copywriting

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