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If you are stuck in a rut and wondering where your career should take you, or you need a new creative challenge, its a fact that there is huge demand for quality bloggers across the globe and if you organise and prepare yourself, you can make a living from writing blogs.

We realise from personal experience that this is an achievable task, plus there are plenty of positive stories in the news about bloggers turning pro for particular companies. One of which is Matthew Cerrone, who started a blog back in 2003.  Matthew created posts as a bit of a hobby, tracking his favourite Baseball team. Fast track nearly 10 years and Cerrone has now turned his hobby into a full time career.

How? Pure determination.

After leaving college, Cerrone worked for a media company, but couldn’t tear himself away from his MetsBlog. Sometimes we’ve all been guilty of this, but staying faithful to his blog was to his avail. Cerrone was then offered public relations work for another company, which would mean giving up the MetsBlog he loved so much, instead he opted to stick with his beloved blog. By 2006 Cerrone was gaining over 1 million readers every month. He was approached by SportsNet New York and a new partnership was formed.

Today, MetsBlog has around 3 million readers and Cerrone is not only working for SportsNet New York as an overseas digital agent, but running other sports related blogs as well. He is proof that if you stick to your guns and are totally passionate, you can make a living from something you love doing.

Matt was consistent and grew a following providing a stream of relevant content, which is loved by millions. Take a look at some of the biggest bloggers in the UK and across the globe. Their followers hang on their every word, which is a humbling experience for the writers, but a great business opportunity for companies.

If you are passionate, provide interesting content and specialise in certain subjects, you too could land yourself a blogging contract with a great company.

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