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Everyday is a school day at Juno Copywriting, but that is exactly what keeps it interesting. Recently the whole team was brought in for a days training with our SEO expert. The focus- Meta Tags and Descriptions.

This subject was something the team had heard about, but had not actually attempted, didn’t really know what it was, how to go about creating them, or how powerful they would be for a websites’ ranking in search engines.

Meta Titles or Tags are a line which physically sits at the top of your website page. If you’re reading this right now, take a look at the top of the page, and it should say ” Meta Titles & Descriptions | Juno Copywriting “. This basically denotes the page of your site, so as this is a blog, it is the title of the blog and the company name.

When it comes to websites, you will generally have your top line categories and possibly sub categories. When we’re creating Meta titles and descriptions for our clients, we research their keywords and phrases heavily and add them into the Meta Titles, as these are incredibly important for SEO and ranking.

So, the format could be title of page- keywords- company name for example-  Home | Writing Services | Juno Copywriting. Just remember, your Meta title should be no more than 60 characters.

The meta description will be the piece of text that will show in search engines under the page title, this doesn’t command so much power in terms of SEO but it is always handy to provide some keywords, for example : Juno Copywriting offers a range of written services for a variety of media platforms. The description should be no longer than 160 characters.

In essence your Meta Title and Description should read:

Home | Writing Services | Juno Copywriting

Juno Copywriting offers a range of written services for a variety of media platforms.

Spending some time thinking about your keywords and if done well, Metas can massively help your ranking in search engines.

Juno Copywriting.


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