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Over the weekend I watched a couple of documentaries which involved people starting their own blogs, which got me thinking about how people go about it and the pitfalls.

Blogging, once you get going, is a pretty simple thing to do, but how do you do it well? At Juno Copywriting, we run hundreds of blogs for a range of different clients, but what makes a blog successful? How do you draw people to read your thoughts?

Where do you start and what do you want to achieve?

Many personal blogs are mainly observational and more of a thought process from an individual, much like a diary. Believe it or not, many people are rather nervous about starting a blog as it is published on the World Wide Web, in front of an audience of millions. But there is no need to be nervous, whether your  blog is personal or you are running it for a company, here are some simple tips to follow when creating an interesting, funny or informative blog.

Catchy Title?

When I started blogging, I would try and be clever with the title, but actually the more simple the better. When using blogging platforms such as WordPress, URLs are created automatically, so if your blog is about “How to make a Christmas Cake” make sure that is your title, it will help your blog be found when people are searching in Google.


Intro is always good which can skirt over what you are going to talk about, people will probably read on, then your content, juicy middle, then a conclusion.


Stick to around 300 words, if you’re thinking about writing an essay about a certain subject, break it down into smaller blogs, like a series

Picture this

Add a picture, or a video, it makes the blog a whole lot more interesting.

Linked in

Make sure you include some hyperlinks, if you’re writing for your company, link back to your main site, or if you’re talking about a product or service, link to that particular page.

Be Brave

As long as you’re not being offensive, blogs can be a great way to get your thoughts out there, its like escapism and its also a great way to be creative. If you’re starting a new adventure, travelling across the world, or simply sitting in an office in Nottingham, you’ll be surprised by who and how many people will read your blogs.

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