The basics of a good blog

We’ve been inundated with requests for work experience here at Juno Copywriting, this week we’ve had the pleasure of showing the lovely Kat how it’s done, and here is her contribution to our blog.

Blogging is a great way to keep your website fresh. It gets visitors clicking back to your site and even helps you climb the search engine ranks. But writing every day can be tough and you’ll need a strong knowledge of the basics to write a good blog.

Be inventive. With hundreds of blogs out there, it’s important to make yours stand out. Find a topic you think is interesting, and that your readers will too, and get writing. Search engines love original content, so you can keep users happy and help your site’s rankings too.

Keep it brief. Your visitors are busy people and they won’t hang around. 300 words is about right to get your message across. Any more than 500 words and your readers may start clicking away. So cut out those unnecessary words and keep your subject in mind for a concise, readable blog.

Show your colour. Images can brighten up your blog post so don’t be afraid to add something vibrant to your writing. Use photos to break up your text and complement your ideas for an intriguing blog post.

Create links. Adding hyperlinks can help your visitors explore your website. Whatever your subject, an interested reader will click on and keep reading. You can post to your products, services or homepage. It’s a simple and easy way to keep users moving around your website.

Ask for help. A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference to your writing. Get someone to read through a draft to avoid those easy spelling mistakes. If no one’s about, try reading it aloud to check your blog flows and has a strong, clear voice.

Still finding blogs a chore? For help with blogs, contact Juno Copywriting.

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