Why is no one reading my blog?

Blog writing is fantastic. Writing blogs can help your SEO for your business, and personal blogs can boost your profile and reputation. It’s fun, refreshing and it helps you see you or your business from a whole new perspective. But, with all that love put in, it’s a sad truth that blogs sometimes don’t get read.

Why? With the millions of blogs floating around the web, you might feel frustrated that no one is reading yours. Making your blog stand out is no mean feat, so the Juno team have put together some easy mistakes to avoid.

Don’t talk about yourself. It sounds mad, since blogs are usually based around you or your business. But blogs are also ‘news’. And news is only about things that are new and interesting to their readers. Even though this blog is about you, it’s got to be interesting enough to keep your readers intrigued. Which means talking about things you and your readers have in common.

Make it interesting. Whether its the current financial climate or the best way to cook yorkshire puddings, the topics of your blog have to be an interest you can share. Aim your blog writing towards shared experiences, or a subject you’ve recently seen in a new light. Avoid ‘I’ as much as you can and engage with your reader. Ask yourself why your reader should care about you or your business, and then write about that.

Keep it brief. Readers on the web have an infamously short attention span. With all that information around, it’s all too easy to click away if a blog starts to drag. Short, bite-sized paragraphs break up text and make it easy for readers to scan. And keep it brief – 300 words is best, 500 words is the max.

Stick to these tips to keep your blog writing fresh and interesting. Still struggling? Try our Basics of a Good Blog for more.

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