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We love working with innovative brands on their copy, especially when their websites are offering something new to the market. We’re currently working alongside Beers of Europe whose website really is the only of its kind in the UK.

Beers of Europe started out with one aim: to stock the most unusual and varied selection of beers, ciders, wines and spirits as possible. As a family run business, Beers is really passionate about uncovering new and exciting brands as well as stocking those foreign favourites that aren’t always available in the supermarket. They personally source and import many of their beers and spirits so their selection is truly a one off, something that no-one else in the UK offers online.

If you think you know your beers from your ales then Beers of Europe can really put you to the test. They stock more than 1,700 beers, 1,000 different whiskies and unusual spirits and a huge number of wines, all sourced from 65 different countries from all corners of the globe. They’ve also got an extensive selection of 450 Belgian beers, often produced by abbeys and monasteries, as well as 200 German beers, all produced according to strict purity laws. If you’ve been trying for years to find that cider you drank in an alleyway bar in Zimbabwe in 1989, Beers is your best bet.

The site has recently gone live so now all those undiscovered beers and spirits can be ordered direct to your door through their top notch new online catalogue. The Magento platform used for their ecommerce site means that you can search the catalogue by anything from country of origin, brewery, alcohol content to price – this is a sophisticated site that we’re excited to be involved with.

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