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We’ve been extremely lucky at Juno Copywriting to have a lovely work experience student come into the office and learn the ropes. Emily, who is well versed in the art of writing and an incredibly talented lady, has been struggling to find permanent work during a break from her MA studies.

So, we opened our arms and the goals and outcomes we hope to achieve, are that we tool Emily up with all the knowledge and skills, so she can go out into the world, either as a freelancer, or be able to apply for jobs that hold those skills.

It is an incredibly difficult time for those seeking employment and the trend tends to be that some people are too qualified for the positions they are applying for, as well as having huge competition from other talented and experienced people. So, armed with writing skills that can be passed over to a range of industries, writing, is a popular and well fed career.

I personally set up my own freelance company last year, despite the economic crisis, I went ahead and must admit I was pretty lucky. I managed to keep afloat and had a wealth of work.

With the changes in Google and the constant consumption of content, being a writer is a pretty fair bet, as long as you understand the process, keep abreast of the times and write well. Google will always need content and companies will need to refresh their content, to climb the search engine rankings. But this is only relevant to content writing. There is a whole range of writing skills such as copywriting, advertising and bid writing. If you can get in with the latter you could see a very healthy bank balance.

But to get to these points we have to start with the basics. Today we’re going to be looking at taking a decent brief with clients. It’s the first step to a successful writing campaign.

Juno is always happy to take on students who would like to gain experience and skills working for a writing company, along side a wed design and development company, if you are interested, please contact us.

Juno Copywriting.


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