Brand Creation

Brand creation is something that is incredibly important to all companies, whether you’re a sole trader or a larger corporate.

Many companies are formed in the modern age, without the consideration of what they actually want to provide to their customers, what their ethics are as a company and what their unique selling point is (USP). All these points make your company an attractive proposition to your customers. Without these, you are very much like everyone else, but might gain customers from price led offers and word of mouth referral.

What we want to create is a solid brand which will bring customers to you. Juno Copywriting can offer new and established businesses Brand Creation.

We work closely with you to find out about your company background, your ideas, and make you think about the direction you want your company to go in. If you’re a brand new company and want an exciting name and a set of Brand Guidelines, that reflects your company, we will work with you, take a brief about your business and go away to create the basis of your company.

Brand Creation means that you have a “Brand” which can be visual and consistent. Many companies fail to be consistent with their brands, from using a logo, to headed paper, to printed vans, to advertising. It also creates guidelines as to how you want your company to be perceived, how you treat your customers and your working ethos. These can last a life time, but be renewed with the advancement of technology.

If you’re an establish company that is looking for a Brand Refresh, we can use the same tools to move the company on if that is what is required.

Created in the right way and used consistently, your Brand can have the power to rocket your company to the point where customers will know who you are simply by a logo, a tag line, or your service.

If you’re interested in Brand Creation and want to know more about guidelines and how to start your Brand Journey, take a look at this document from the Design Council.


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