Branding More Than A Logo

In the early days of shopping, you would walk into a shop and speak to a person behind a counter. Instead of vast shop floors with dazzling fluorescent lights, the shop floor would be modestly kitted out with no concept of marketing. If you wanted bread, you got what was there and certainly no choice between Hovis, Warburtons and Kingsmill. Then the marketers got their hands on every product from soap to eggs and the choice of products grew. Manufacturers had to determine what their unique selling point (USP) was, and position their product in the market in order to appeal to their intended customers.

Branding is more than just a logo on packaging. It is the whole experience and relationship with a product or a range of products. You are essentially making a lifestyle choice when you interact with brands because they have already done their market research and know how you want to feel when you purchase a product… and copywriting plays a huge part within that.

Take a certain brand of eco-friendly cleaning products. The cleaning fluid is clear as are the bottles, giving you a feeling that this product is pure, but what about the copywriting?

The brand focuses on key words that inspire the feelings that you are doing the right thing to keep your family safe from horrible chemicals. ‘Safe’ and ‘natural’ are words that feature regularly, as well as the ecological benefits for those who have the luxury of affording to care about the impact cleaning products have on your health and the environment. Everything about the product screams simple, and that is a combination of the packaging and the copy.

It is the copywriting that helps to inspire the feelings that the manufacturer wants you to feel when you purchase their products. So if you’re buying specialty groceries or as one big supermarket describes the range ‘foods of the world’ then the copywriter hired by the company needs to get the customer feeling connected with the country the food comes from. Buying bolognaise sauce for example, you supposedly are looking for ‘authentic cuisine’ and the copy on the packet as well as the company’s website should conjure up images of ‘Mamma’ rustling up a feast in her rustic kitchen with fresh tomatoes, onions and basil all harvested that afternoon. You’ll purchase the sauce because it sounds divine and you buy in to the Italian family experience.

This experience needs to be translated across all of the channels a company would use to market their products and copy written by professionals will always be consistent with brand values as well as those held by the target customer. The website plays a huge part in this as this is where consumers go to get the information that they couldn’t get on the packet.

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