Is your brand Pinterest-ing?

As you may or may not know, here at Juno Copywriting we’re big fans of Pinterest, the latest social media trend that’s starting to turn heads. We’ve found it’s been fantastic for referrals, especially for our Euramedia project, as well as being a great way to spend that cheeky lunch break. However, how can businesses use Pinterest? After all, there’s more to it than pretty pictures.

A New Frontier

The main appeal of Pinterest is the huge collection of images that have been selected precisely because they’re beautiful, inspirational, funny or just plain awesome. If your business has some quality products, sharing them through Pinterest can open up a new customer base. Not only that, if you’ve got a unique point of view, interesting services or just a good sense of humour, you can get some real – and completely free – exposure.

Brand Exposure

Some brands have launched competitions via Pinterest to promote their products and services. One of our favourites is the bmi lottery, ran by the midlands airline and to give away free flights. From five ‘destinations’ pinboards, all you needed to do was repin up to six of thirty images, with one image being selected as the winner each week. This injected images that lead back to bmi into the Pinterest ether, giving them free exposure as well as sharing pictures of some great locations.

Unique Point of View

You can also build familiarity with your brand’s personality, ethos and the general feel you want to portray. You can post about news stories, events and projects that matter to you, as well as giving an insight into the day to day workings of your company. At Juno we love telling people what we get up to in our office, whether that’s eating soup or writing about exciting new companies.

All of this means you can boost your traffic, publicise your products, and give customers a personal insight into your business, helping to build a lasting relationship with a whole new base of customers. If you link Pinterest in with your Twitter and facebook campaigns, you can get maximum exposure.

Pinterest is looking to be the next essential addition to that social media arsenal.

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