It’s a Matter of Trust

If somebody lands on your website for the first time and you’re not a nationally-known brand, they might be uncertain about making their first purchase with you. Are you legitimate? If they order and pay for their goods, will they receive them?

There are lots of ways to show that your website is trustworthy, through your website’s design and payment processes, but written content in particular has an impact on how visitors see your website. How can you avoid

- Get your spelling right! You’d be amazed how many websites have silly typos on which affect credibility in the eyes of the visitor. Poor spelling and attention to detail impact upon how professional people perceive you to be. If you’re sloppy with your copy then how do customers know you are careful with their personal data, product quality and deliveries?

- Clichés? How passé! Your products are what they are, if you hype them up into something they aren’t then you will almost definitely make visitors to your website scoff and think you aren’t being honest. You wouldn’t buy anything that you suspected would disappoint you so why would anyone else?

- Don’t forget to include testimonials and case studies, they give ‘social proof’ that others have had good experience shopping with you.

- Keep your copy fresh and up to date, add a blog to your website and update it regularly. Not only is this great for your website’s SEO, but it shows visitors that the website is being manned and that purchases won’t get lost in a computer system.

The copywriting on your website doesn’t need to be witty or shed light on the problems of the world, it needs to inform customers but also inspire desire for the product enough to take action and get their wallet out and make that purchase. If you show your website to be trustworthy then you have made positive steps towards enticing customers to your website’s checkout.

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