Juno Media now on the Recommended Agency Register

Here at Juno Copywriting, we rub shoulders with web developers and designers on a daily basis – and now, our uniting agency Juno Media has become part of the Recommended Agency Register, or RAR. This is a big opportunity, and we’re looking forward to all sorts of new challenges.

The RAR is a massive guide to marketing services agencies, used by big brands and even some household names. Juno Media has been recommended highly by some clients via the website, and we’re now listed as a trusted agency with a proven ability to give clients what they want.

Juno Media is now rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest and brightest names in marketing, PR, design and advertising. Being part of this group is a big accolade, and we’re especially pleased that Juno Media clients have been so chuffed with their results.

It’s important that the reason for our inclusion has come from client recommendations. That’s the whole premise of the guide – that only agencies which have been proven to deliver results are included. Client’s rate their satisfaction across a number of categories, everything from creativity to professionalism and strategy. Juno Media performed well across the board, and has been recommended for digital and design services, two particular strengths.

Clients browsing the RAR will now be able to see Juno Media is a recommended agency – giving us extra pulling power when it comes to big clients. Busy brands won’t want to trawl through agencies that won’t deliver, and that’s what the RAR does best. It’s made up of only those agencies that have been recommended by their clients, and have a proven ability to deliver.

We’ve now got the ability to get noticed by big brands, which might otherwise not have looked in our direction. Getting on the RAR is a big deal, and one that’s sure to open doors for Juno Media.

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