Positioning Statement

When working with a copywriter, one of the first things that they might ask is “do you have a positioning statement?”

In its simplest form, a positioning statement is basically a couple of sentences that establishes where you see your business or its products in the market, its unique selling points (USPs) and how you want your brand to be seen e.g. professional, eco-friendly, creative etc.

The purpose of a positioning statement for a copywriter is for a constant reference point so they can be sure that their copy is appropriate for your brand. So, if your website sells thermal underwear to a predominently older demographic, the style of the copy written would be completely different compared to a website selling skateboards that are, like, totally awesome man.

In the first example, you would be looking for a softer tone of voice, warmer words that make the customer feel reassured. Writing for SEO, your copywriter would be focusing on making the customer feel confident that their purchase will do what it is meant to, but also help the website rank in the search engines for its key terms, a difficult balance!

In the second example, the copywriter wants to get the reader excited and get the adrenaline pumping. The writer will probably use the present tense to make copy sound more active and urgent. He or she will use words that people in their demographic will use and the style will definitely be informal.

When working with clients on a creative job, it is really important to manage expectation from the start. People who work in creative industries such as web design and copywriting find that being clear with the client at the start of a project goes a long way to preventing potential disputes. By having a positioning statement in place at the start of your project protects both the copywriter and the client from misunderstandings about your brand. After all, if you have a brand then you have a distinct position in your market. Your copywriter needs to know who your customers are so they can grab their attention for the right reasons and keep all copy written strictly within your brand guidelines and ultimately, selling your wares.

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