Print advertising loosing its charm

Print advertising has been slowly declining since the introduction of online advertising and other media platforms. Despite what the newspapers and magazines think, people are tending to find their news, jobs, advice and other items elsewhere.

Some publications are still going strong, yet what we tend not notice in the advertising industry is that many print companies would quote you on the basis of how many copies of the publication were printed, rather than, how many people actually read it, which lets be honest, is quite difficult to pin point. Despite this, there are still those loyal purchasers and readers of local papers and magazines. But, as that particular generation advances towards old age, is there a newer generation which will go out and purchase papers? We tend to think that everyone is internet savvy, but that isn’t the case.

The difficulty with print advertising is a) the price b) the limits of creativity.

Agencies can create incredible advertising campaigns which span across a range of media platforms and really wow the audiences. When you are flicking through your local rag, you probably miss a whole plethora of advertising, because you are not looking for it, you want to find out what the weather will be like next week.

According to Enders Analysis, print advertising will decline a further 4% this year.

So what are the other advertising options?

There are many but it does depend on budget. If you have no budget and want to place an ad, sites such as Gum Tree are a good place to start. If budget is no option, it is best to spread it around on a variety of platforms, with consistency and link it all back to one central point.

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