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Juno Copywriting has a real bag of tricks and we like to pull out surprises for our clients, because we can expand our talents across an array of media platforms.

We’ve been running Social Media campaigns for our clients and seeing success.

EuraMedia Summit 2012 is one such client, we’ve been appointed the UK arm for this event and despite having US and Russian teams, we are all running our own social media sites, because, as you can guess, they are very different markets and on very different time scales. But this means ultimate coverage for this incredible event.

To link or not to link?

For some people, linking all of their sites together, to provide a constant stream of content, is a simple task and actually means you only really have to focus on one site. Some SMM believe that actually, you should speak to Twitter users very differently to those on Facebook, thinking about this, it rings true.

Twitter limits your characters, so you really have to think about what you are writing and tweets seem more “matter of fact”, whereas Facebook allows you to rant on in a conversational style.

Both are very effective and we have gained a steady stream of followers in a few days.

Quantity VS Quality.

Is is a numbers game? Well yes kind of, but don’t follow people just for the sake of it, follow interesting and relative people, then their followers in turn may come knocking at your door. Also, don’t plead with people to like your page, its not becoming, instead have something interesting to say, ask questions, get people engaged by asking their opinions, its the best way to get those much wanted followers.

Social media isn’t difficult, but if you are finding that time is limited to tweet and like, speak to Juno Copywriting, we’re more than happy to manage your social media.

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