A Good Book

Whether you are a freelance or an in-house writer, there are some great books which will inspire you, inform you and basically help you along the road to ultimate writing godliness.

Today, I’ve taken the selection that I have accrued over the years, from different areas of writing skills, but have been like writing bibles to me.

The Freelance Writers Handbook by Andrew Crofts. This little gem was probably one of the first books I purchased, it is well thumbed and probably a little bit old now, when you take a look at how much things such as content and SEO has progressed over the past 5 years. That said, this book has been fantastic and gave me confidence to go out and seek my fortune as a freelance writer.

The Writers Handbook 2012. This annual beast of a book is fantastic. It lists every possible publisher, magazine company, radio station or media platform in the UK. If you want a novel published or an address to write to someone for work experience, this is a fantastic book. It will tell you what publishing houses are looking for and how to submit your work.

Sticky Wisdom by What IF. This is a book that was introduced to me during the hazy days of radio copywriting, it is basically a way of training yourself to think creatively, which comes in very handy as a writer, as commonly we can be sat with our head in our hands, trying to have a great idea.

The Yahoo Style Guide was the ultimate book that told me about structure, keywords, SEO and all those wonderful things that a writer would come across in the world of web writing. It is a bible and helps writers know how to do things properly, especially when it comes to engaging web users. This book is a must for those wanting to write for web.

Hopefully that is a little insight into a few books that will help your writing.

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