Building bridges with Russia and the US

Juno Copywriting mentioned a while ago that we had gained a contract with a US company, helping to promote a Summit being held in Boston, MA in June. 4 weeks down the line, things are going well, the team is strong, and with only 44 days to the start of the summit, we’re on a mission to push this unique event.

Our duties including running Social Media Accounts for the UK, contacting big names and general promotion of the event.

Last week, the Juno team managed to get some great PR with the Drum. Although (as I’ve been asked how we got involved) a rather random project for a writing company, it has brought back all those things we enjoy, especially the challenges and speaking to other companies about this great opportunity.

As many know, Russia is a very affluent country with great opportunities, especially for those who are innovators and entrepreneurs in their fields. What Russia seems to suffer from is infrastructure. This is where companies from the UK and US step in, offering their expertise to create one of the most powerful media markets in the world.

It is very exciting, there are some great names already confirmed to speak to the event, such as Steve Wozniac- co-founder of Apple inc.

Fingers crossed the Juno Copywriting team will be heading to Boston for the conference and rubbing shoulders, not only with the leaders in technology, but sharing drinkings with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum and Sharon Stone. Yes, its quite unbelievable, but I am proud that our team have shown that the UK are an important factor in creating successful businesses and industries.

So, 44 days left, a lot to do, many emails to send and lots of people to talk to.

Then there is a question of…”what do we wear to these things”… I’m probably getting a bit carried away. Nevertheless, it is an exciting and challenging project.

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