Copywriting for My Wrestling Room

Juno Copywriting is busy busy busy with a range of different projects. It is our job to supply a continual stream of unique content for our clients. That may be content for their websites, in page content, articles or blogs. It may be descriptions or comments or simply coming up with new ideas to raise the client’s profile.

With content comes SEO, Keywords, Links and a whole plethora of skills to enable websites to climb the Google Ladder.

Recently we’ve spent a lot of time working with My Wrestling Room, and American Client who needed their website re designed and bought up to date with innovative programming to enable customers to purchase wrestling goods online with ease. In the copywriting department we went about creating content for every single page ensuring key words were not spammed and that the content was relative, interesting and would keep the users hooked.

Wrestling Shoes, Wrestling Singlets and Wrestling Equipment was the order of the day, although none of us had actually wrestled in our lives, but the contact with the client was unfounded and day by day we built the basis of an incredible site.

Now if you place keywords in Google such as Wrestling Shoes, My Wrestling Room is the top spot, and that’s where it’s going to stay. Every day new content is added to the site in the form of wrestling blogs, which inform the wrestling world about new products, events and wrestling information.

Juno Copywriting always loves a challenge, and not only are our clients over the moon about the outcome of the site, the team gets a real buzz, know our hard work has placed the site in the top page of Google, which means more clicks on the website and ultimately, more money for our clients.

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