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The Juno Copywriting team have been busy creating unique content for our client, Select Factoring, to improve its SEO and achieve higher rankings on Google for related keywords. Select Factoring are currently the number one result on Google for the keywords ‘Selective Factoring’ showing just how much has been achieved so far.

Select Factoring offer a number of services, including Factoring, Selective Factoring and Invoice Discounting. If you run a big business, you will often find that you have funds tied up in outstanding invoices. Invoice discounting is a service that helps you to release these funds quickly and efficiently, enabling you to pay for materials, staff and meet your tax requirements on time. Once you have sent your invoices out to customers and passed details onto Select Factoring, they will release 90% of your funds, usually within 24 hours. The remaining 10% of your funds will be released, once you have chased up payment from your clients, with a small fee reduced to pay for the service.

Invoice discounting is useful to companies who have a large client base, and often find that they do not get paid on time. As well as receiving funds within 24 hours, using the service will minimise paperwork and save on admin costs. You are in complete control of the invoices and will only pay interest on the funds you borrow from Select Factoring.

Our copywriting team produced unique content for Select Factoring’s service pages, ensuring that it was simple and easy to understand, even for people with no existing knowledge of factoring services. We also regularly produce posts for the company’s blog, informing clients about the latest news in the world of finance. All content creation and blogging contributes to improving the company’s SEO, by helping them to be recognised by search engines.

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