Creating branding tag lines

You’re creating a brand, you know what you want to say, you know your product and services, but what will make your brand so powerful that customers will remember you and return time and again?

There are so many elements that build a brand, from logos, to the actual products and services, and ultimately the key is to put yourself out in a competitive market place and sell sell sell!

Today we’re going to be looking at branding tag lines, and to start us off, the lines below are brand tag lines, see if you know which brand they belong to:

1) Every little helps

2) I’m loving it

3) The power of dreams

4) Just do it

How do you create a brand tag line or slogan?

You don’t need lots of money to throw at branding but you do need some creative thinkers and people that know about the product or service. Its a great idea to get a load of people in a room and talk about what the products or services do, how they can change or improve consumers lives.

Try and get a list of words that are relative to your product or service and play around with pairing them or putting a few into a sentence. At the end of the day, the tag needs to have meaning, and possibly a dual meaning, some of the worst branding tag lines include: “The choice of a new generation” from Pepsi. Really it doesn’t take into consideration when that generation grows up. The choice of…is a great start, but they could have thought about the group of consumers they were trying to target. Despite this, it was still a popular tag line.

At the end of the day, the power of branding comes down to putting that brand out in the market place and using advertising to get your message through, so your message needs to mean something to your consumers. As humans we are constantly thrown over 3000 different brand identities every day, so your brand needs to make its mark and stand out.

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