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Welcome to Monday! Today I’m going to talk a little about easy URLs and how they can help your business, content, sites, search results and profits.

URL stands for Universal Resource Locator and is the address of a World Wide Web Page. The URL sits at the top of the page in an address bar.

What is an easy URL?

Easy URLs are simply URLs which are easy to read, remember and use. They may describe the name of a company or a product, but this enables companies to direct customers through to their sites a lot easier than hoping people can remember what the name of the company is, or how their name is spelt.

Personally, I came across using URLs when working as an advertising copywriting in the radio industry. Clients were opting to drive listeners online to visit their companies and see what services and products they had to offer. Being an on air commercial, we used to come across a few problems.

  • Audiences would not remember the company name
  • Audiences were spelling the company name wrong
  • The company URL was not relevant and too complicated


We would suggest to clients that an easy URL would be simple to remember, understand, spell and would drive listeners to the requested sites.

How does it work?

Lets make up a company- Claires Carpets In Nottingham. Claires Carpets offer the cheapest carpets in Nottingham- they have proved this with relevant market comparisons, but want to drive people online.

Firstly, the name Claire can be spelt in a number of ways- Claire, Clare, Clair

Secondly, their usual URL tells the customers nothing about the product, so we could opt for a couple of different URLs such as:





You see the pattern, the simpler it is for customers to find you using a web site address they can remember, the more powerful it is. This can work for a range of industries and you can be very clever (as long as the URL is available!) The top tip is for URLS to be simple, easy to remember, read and spell and relevant to the company.

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