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A good landing page will help to funnel more visitors to a website. But what exactly is a landing page, and how can they help? Taking a look at just one of our recent success stories is a great place to start.

Juno Copywriting has recently been writing landing pages for Select Factoring, an independent factoring lender catering for all sorts of businesses. Any company which issues invoices to customers can take advantage of their invoice discounting and factoring services. These release capital tied up in unpaid invoices meaning companies don’t have to wait around for payment. With money being tight for everyone at the moment, Select Factoring’s invoice finance is a great way to combat late payment and cash flow issues.

So, what have our landing pages been doing for Select Factoring?

We’ve been tailoring our landing pages to the exact phrases that might be searched for in Google. For example, as well as pages for ‘Invoice Discounting’ and ‘Factoring’ – both of which will be highly competitive search terms – we’ve also created more specific pages, such as ‘Factoring Derby’. Adding a local element to pages helps when customers are searching for a service in their specific area.

Many of our landing pages come up on the first page of Google for their specific search terms. This means that customers will find the landing page easily, which will then funnel them through to the main Select Factoring website. Select Factoring is then able to pick up extra traffic on search terms that their main website content might not be optimised for. This means the main website will not be cluttered with all sort of search terms – indeed, landing pages are often hidden and only really accessed through searching.

A good landing page will always be driving customers towards a site, with lots of calls to action and easy, clickable links to the services available. By thinking of all the relevant search terms, we’ve been helping to make sure that Select Factoring is reaching as many people as possible.

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