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For the past few weeks we’ve been working closely with Direct Van Accessories, to provide their new site with the content they need to help it rank well in Google.

Direct Van Accessories, sister site to Direct 4×4, decided they would try the organic content route for their Van site, which is a different route to the PPC campaigns they run on their Direct 4×4 site.

The Juno Copywriting team jumped into action, providing unique, organic content for their top line categories, then focusing on products descriptions, of which there are over 3000. The reason for doing this is to ensure there is no duplicate content across the sites.


Google is constantly on the change, the way it analyses sites, the way it ranks pages, the way it indexes, and it is interesting to see how organic content fairs against PPC campaigns.

The obvious elements here are time vs money.

Any company can quickly set up a PPC campaign, but depending on the popularity of the keywords you choose to run that campaign, your £50 budget might have run out in a week, or even less!

Organic content on the other hand, takes time to create, and to index, but the staying power can be more effective. That’s why the Juno Copywriting team love writing fresh content, it gives us creative licence to research and explore, make our content informative and interesting.

Once all of the content has been loaded into Direct Van Accessories, we hope that they will see an increase in traffic, they are already getting more hits to the site, based on the first lot of content. This project really illustrates the importance of well written, unique, rich, content, something that Google will never tire of.

Along with content, we’re providing a weekly blog for the company, across both of its sites.


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