Grab your kilts for NYE

Team Juno have recently launched a lovely new site for a client The Scotland Kilt Company.

Magento is the preferred platform, which allows retailers to sell online, is very functional and scalable, and a great platform to integrate with EPOS and ERP systems.

The Scotland Kilt Company had already been selling online but wanted to step forward with a modern, clean looking site and something that could cope with orders, not just in the UK but globally.

Luckily Juno had the answer and created what you see today with the help of Magento.

Where does the writing team come in? Well we set about creating pages of content, which helps the site index in Google.

When working with retailers, most products will have a product description, be it short, which doesn’t always index, as Google tends to like a certain amount of words to rank a page. So, we tend to write around 300 words for category pages. It’s a delight, a challenge and interesting work when you are writing for a client such as The Scotland Kilt Company, as their store and products are surrounded in an age old tradition, something that many are incredibly proud of.

Not only that, we get to look at pictures of men in kilts, which also makes our job interesting and inspiring.

We’re just in time for Christmas and New Year or Hogmanay celebrations, so if you are of Scottish decent or looking for something formal and interesting to wear this festive season, we strongly suggest a visit to The Scotland Kilt Company. Take a look at the Tartan finder and see if you have a family Tartan. Grab your Kilt and head for the Scottish highlands this New Years Eve.

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