Increasing Experience Nottinghamshire’s traffic levels

The Juno Copywriting team have been working with Experience Nottinghamshire for the past nine months, creating high quality, unique content to help promote their blog and make it more recognisable to search engines like Google.

Experience Nottinghamshire are the official tourism board for the county. They use their website to inform both the people of Nottinghamshire, and tourists visiting, about events taking place in the area, as well as the top places to visit. Users can also access information regarding accommodation, and learn a little about the county’s historical past.

Our expert web design team at Juno created a blog for Experience Nottinghamshire, using Word Press. The colour scheme was kept the same, to keep it consistent for traffic flowing from the blog to the main website.  The Nottinghamshire blog is regularly updated with unique content that ties in with the company’s keywords and SEO. Many of the posts feature small, locally based news stories, that aren’t available on the main site. Experience Nottinghamshire also use their blog to promote events taking place in the city, recommending family days out and the best places to visit. The posts feature keywords with external links to subpages, which help to improve the company’s rankings in search results on Google. The web design team also implemented multiple functionalities including the option to click on thumbnail images to make them full scale.

The Experience Nottinghamshire blog feeds to its social media pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where the company has over 1760 followers. The tweets feature links to the blog posts, as well as twitter usernames of specific companies mentioned in their posts, helping them gain more followers too.

Our copywriting team are planning to create more unique content to feature on both the Experience Nottinghamshire main site and its blog. This will help to improve SEO, which will in turn, increase traffic levels.

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