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A few weeks back I attended the launch of a new project, supporting local creatives at Antenna Nottingham. The Amplify Award, created by Antenna, is a competition, offering support and expertise to new start up creative companies in the city, as well as providing them with a virtual base to grow their company. Juno Copywriting is a proactive company and wanted to get involved in such a great local event, so we offered our services. Low an behold, we were asked to be part of the Judging panel for the award! Something rather exciting and new to us.

We spent a day at the Antenna base alongside Sarah McNicol from Antenna and John(with beard) from Nottingham Creative. We sorted through 28 applications and thought long and hard about the needs of each applicant. There were some fabulous ideas in the pile and some that we hoped would actually happen.

The results were announced the following week at a gathering in Antenna. Lots of winners, lots of prizes and as part of the top prize, Juno Copywriting offered a package to tool the winner with writing skills, which would enable them to use copy in an effective way, for their ideas and business.

Off the back of an exciting and successful award ceremony, Juno Copywriting has been asked to present at one of the creative evenings that Antenna run for all creatives.  “Start it up” is a series of workshops run by professionals for new creative companies, so they can learn more about the ins and outs of running a business, how to target their audiences and all those much needed skills that many may not possess, or would like to learn more about.

We’re incredibly enthused by the creative industry and want to support the local creative community as much as we possibly can! Getting involved in Antenna is a fantastic privilege.

Juno Copywriting

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