Organic VS Processed

Sometimes as writers, we can get a real bee in our bonnet about certain things (especially our work), and today we have one of those, mainly along the lines of Organic Created content for SEO and Processed SEO content.

What do I mean by those phrases?

Well, if you had not already guessed, Organic content tends to be well research content that flows, is unique and not copied from elsewhere and includes SEO keywords and phrases a few times, but allows the content to flow, so that any users or customers reading content, would not be blinded by the keywords and would find the piece informative and easy to read.

Processed SEO content tends to be created to ensure a certain percentage of the content is keywords. This, in our eyes can ruin decent copy, and the main aim for this is to raise the content in Google. To us, the content produced by this method isn’t really that great in terms of a good read, it might not be informative, it might have simply been created to help the ranking of a page or site.

We understand that some companies may used processed content for their clients, but both techniques enable sites to boost their rankings in the search engines, but remember this, it’s not all about you getting up to the top spot, at the end of the day, when customers visit your site, they want to be able to process the information you offer them, rather than having to clamber over spammy, keyword loaded content on your site, this can turn customers off very quickly, especially if they can’t find what they are looking for.

Juno Copywriting loves to be organic, raw and creative if you will, we believe the work we do produces the same effect as manufactured content, and still has the same benefits, plus more, which allows users to enjoy what they’re reading, and that is exactly what we will continue to do.

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