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Social Media. Millions use it everyday, generally to chat with friends and catch up on news. Companies constantly tout their wares on a variety of media platforms. But, does Social Media really work?

One word-Yes.

The case studies of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are incredible. Generating interest and referring traffic to companies main websites. In fact, the Juno team have completely jumped on the Pinterest band wagon and have seen some great results.

The difficulty with Social Media, is that if you are a basic user and not using it for business gain, you will simply pop in some updates, maybe upload a photo. For companies, this platform is incredible and linked together you have a range of systems which are a force to be reckoned with.

Juno Copywriting offers a range of services including Social Media Management.

We can run existing accounts for companies that don’t have the time, or someone in position to do such things. We can link accounts together, ensure there is regular content being placed on those sites, which encourages Likes, Sharing, Re Tweets and RePins.

This way you have a live system which is constantly promoting your company and website.

Take a look at companies such as Lavish Alice and VW as an example of successful use of Timeline. They use the Facebook platform to constantly engage users, offering amazing prizes in the fashion and automotive sector.

The other great way to generate fresh content to these sites is to link in your company blog, it will appear on Twitter and Facebook and generally, from our experience, command a great amount of interest.

So, if Social Media is the direction you would like your company to go, but not sure where to start, contact the Juno Copywriting team, we’ll happily set up accounts for you (any excuse to use Social Media)

Juno Copywriting.


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