Taking a great brief

When it comes to producing some work for a client, which ever sector you work in, the first point of great ideas and work is a fabulous brief. This is where all the information that you need will stem from.

What makes a good brief?

In all honestly, as little as possible, it may slightly mad, but the more concise and streamlined the brief, the easier it is to produce ideas. When taking a brief you shouldn’t need more than a few sentences. In the old days of working in the radio industry, someone once told me you should be able to write a great brief on the back of a cigarette packet- not the way we all like to conduct business.

So, here are some tips from Juno Copywriting, on creating a great brief. Depending on which sector you work in, you may have to tweak these headlines or add a couple more.

You only really need the following 3 headlines:




It is really that simple.

What? What do we want people to do? Or what do we want to gain from this piece of work? In advertising we may want customers to ring us, visit our website, download a free app. In other areas we may simply want visits or “likes” on social media.

Who? Who are we talking to? Who is your customer or target market? Don’t let a client tell you everyone, because that is probably not the case. We target women very differently to men, we target teenagers very differently to the over 60s, this is something to always consider when producing creative work.

Finally, Why? Why should customers come to you? Are you the largest? Are you the cheapest? With anything that determines a companies is the cheapest, biggest etc, they need to prove that they are, sounds a bit laborious, but market research can help and if they are saying they are the cheapest, they really do need to prove it. They maybe the only stockist of a particular product in that area or in the UK, they need to find a different angle or think of their USP.

A brief this simple really helps you get under the skin of a client, if they are finding it difficult you can ask them what their original business plan was. What did they go to the bank with? This might ignite some memories and remind them why they are really there.

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