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It is always a joy to hear about a clients success, when they have used your services to help their company. This is exactly what has happened this week at Juno Copywriting. We worked with client Simplyties.com to create some SEO content for their site. Simply Ties, if you haven’t already guessed, is an online store offering a range of neck ties.

When you write for a variety of companies, it is always interesting to find out exactly what they do and offer. You learn something new every day and using those skills and knowledge again and again, you can recall and impress, when speaking to new clients.

Simplyties.com had some category pages which offered little or no content at all, so Juno included content to fill the pages, with SEO and keywords, as well as keeping the text easy to read and inspiring to customers. The pages went up and within days, they were ranking at the top in Search Engine results. This makes our clients and our writing team very happy.

Owner of Simply Ties- Tony McAuley, called us to tell us the good new and wrote this lovely little testimonial:
” Juno Copywriting has written excellent copy for our website which has resulted in a rise in Google for our targeted keywords. As well as meeting the high standards Google expect the copy was both informative and educational to our visitors, this resulted in our conversion rate nearly doubling. Writing for both SEO and visitors is a skill few have but Juno has mastered the art!”

If you would like to see your web pages hitting the top spot, in a creative and organic way, contact the writing team at Juno Copywriting, we would be more than happy to go through some ideas.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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