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Here at Juno Copywriting we’re always amazed at the range of clients we write for; from wrestling to cosmetics, finance to fashion, we’ve seen it all. One of the latest additions to our portfolio has expanded our knowledge even more – we’ve recently been writing for Direct 4×4, an online car accessories retailer. So, now we now know our Hummers from our Hondas and our Dodges from our Daihatsus.

Direct 4×4 specialises in those added extras for 4x4s and other vehicles. Whether you want an executive splash of chrome or some real off road protection, you can find it all at Direct. Their accessories are a bit different from your average one-size-fits-all varieties. Everything is designed specifically for your make and model of car to make sure it’s a perfect fit and will really last, something that can’t be said for many off-the-shelf car accessories.

Direct 4×4 has recently launched a new website and we’ve been writing brand new copy for their huge product range, no small task by anyone’s standards. With so many different brands and types of accessories on offer, we had a lot of ground to cover and definitely needed a bit of a crash course in car related knowledge.

While we could only dream of having a brand new Audi or Land Rover to accessorise to our heart’s content, we soon got into the swing of it. A bit of detailed research into each model and brand along with a bit of creativity meant that soon the website was filling up with unique copy and starting to look the part.

A couple of week’s hard work now means that all of Direct 4x4s’ copy is individual, bespoke and nicely tailored to each page, fully optimised for SEO and hopefully helping to bring in those all-important customers. And that’s just what we love here at Juno.

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