Every day is a school day.

Today has been a good day at the Juno Copywriting office. Why? Because many exciting things have happened, the main being the publication of a Press Release on the UKs biggest Marketing site- The Drum. Now for some this might be something they do every day. As a writer I had never ventured into PR, I had never looked at SEO and web content, but as you grow and acquire more skills it takes you in all manner of directions and you are constantly learning, which is rather exciting.

There are no hard and fast rules to researching writing skills, I have actually spent weeks researching online, talking to Marketing professionals and attempting to write Press Releases, which have been looked over and then sent to editors with fingers crossed. I definitely think that building great relationships with those editors, who will hopefully make your press release a story, a great thing to do and well worth the effort.

Practice makes perfect and there is plenty going on at Juno HQ to talk about. We’ve got some extremely exciting clients lined up and if they come in, it will make our jobs very interesting and the team rather smug.

It is always worth broadening your skills, but like I’ve mentioned before, you can’t be everything to everyone, that is why we have so many different professions and there is only so much enthusiasm you can put into a job, if you don’t really know exactly what you are doing, that is why every day is a school day.

That said, I think I like the idea of PR and as for Marketing, it is all very interesting.

So, what is next? Tomorrow we are working on our second newsletter of the year which will be launched at the end of next week, so look out for that.

Other than that I think its time for a well deserved glass of wine :)


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