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This year has seen many changes in the way that Google works, looks at sites and ranks them according to a list of considerations. If you’re confused about Penguin and Panda, then rest easy, when we believe that the most important thing to take care of on your site, is your content.

If your site is feeling a little tired, a few years old or dropping down the rankings, now is the time to refresh your content, and we’re going to tell you how.

1) Static Pages- If your sites sole purpose is to provide information and drive customers to contact you about services etc, you may have quite a few “static pages” of information. At Juno Copywriting, when creating web content, we tend to produce 300 words of well written, unique, SEO rich content for every page (and this includes blogs). We find this amount is perfect to get your point across and provide your customers with the information they need. Take a look at your home page, about us pages, and any other pages which don’t change in terms of content, and consider having these re-written.

2) Products/Categories- If you’re an online retailer, does every single product you sell have a description? No? Well get to it! Product descriptions can be around 150 words and bulleted so customers can read quickly and make a decision. Category pages should have around 300 words of content, again including links to specific products and using keywords.

3)Feature/Entry/Landing Pages-  We have mentioned these before, its a great way of capturing another audience, writing content around keywords. These pages will not feature in your main site navigation, but can rank high in Google, then when people click onto those pages, you can re direct them into your site using links and signposts.

When new content appears on your site, it takes Google around 4/5 days to look and index this based on its relativity to your site, so it is well worth considering fresh new web content for 2013. If you don’t have the time to get scribbling, contact the writing team at Juno Copywriting.

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