How to convert the bargain hunters with Copywriting

Where you place yourself in the market with the price of your products is always a tricky decision to make. If you sell products that are too high-end then you could end up making no sales at all as nobody wants to pay that amount for your products. At the same time, you don’t want to be positioned at the bottom of the market selling plenty but with a margin so small that profits are negligible.

As a copywriting agency, we (obviously!) don’t set our clients’ prices so our job is to use our writing skills to sell. The thing about online copywriting is that you have to strike the fine balance between aggressive and subtle – too aggressive and you’re promising the world and no one believes you… too subtle and nobody knows what you’re selling. The subtleties come through creating a desire that transcends the price and a believable urgency that pulls the customer back after a night’s sleep.

Some marketers think that the price is the key aspect to hitting the big time online but we think the key lies in web copy. It’s naïve to think that your website will still convert visitors to customers with inaccurate, out of date or just plain ridiculous copy if the price is low. Internet users can see past dated sales patter and a factor in the decision-making process is credibility, which we will save for another day.

As consumers, if we really want something then regardless of the price we will find a way of affording it e.g. if you want a new car then you might get credit, save up or do more overtime at work. Affordability is rarely the obsticle when you’re selling online, desire for your products is.

So how do you use your website’s copy to inspire desire?

First, you have to be clear about the benefits of the purchase are. Anyone can claim that purchasing something will change someone’s life so you need to go one step further and reveal exactly how. Get the edge over competitors by being realistic and specific about why people should buy your products before they start thinking about the price.

Next you need look past price as the definition of value for money. You have to discover the value of your products to the customer. For example, GHD hair straighteners cost over £100 at RRP but women buy them in their thousands because they’re a premium product with excellent branding, you essentially buy in to a lifestyle. The website even has a section warning customers of fake products which subtly emphasises just how desirable their products are.

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