The five rules of great web copy

With the internet being wholly comprised of content, you need to make sure yours can live up to scrutiny. Every man and his missus wants to get great web copy but there’s more to it than meets the eye, so to help ensure yours is as good as can be here are five rules of web copy you always need to remember:

Quality is key. If you want to write copy that attracts readers and makes them come back for more, quality should be at the top of the agenda. You need to be providing valuable, interesting content that’s well-written and free from errors, and it always needs to be 100% unique.

Optimise but don’t stuff. Keywords will always be a core part of web copy, but that doesn’t mean you need to take it to the extreme. Yes, you need to optimise your site to attract search engines but take it too far and you’ll be penalised, so go for natural occurrences rather than keyword stuffing.

Keep it fresh. People expect to be given fresh content but search engines do too, so steer clear of “evergreen” style offerings. In the past it was good practice to write generic articles that could apply to any date or time, but these days older posts are deemed less relevant so always provide fresh, engaging and informative content that readers (and search engines) will love. This leads us nicely onto…

Provide regular updates. You need to update your site regularly if you want to attract search engines and visitors—not only will a new blog post (for example) be a reason for spiders to start crawling but it’ll be a reason for visitors to come back. As well as that, if you don’t bother maintaining your site you’ll make a poor first impression should potential customers drop in, so by regularly offering fresh content you’ll be hitting your target from every angle.

Don’t be too sales-y. Yes, the whole point of web copy is to make some form of a sale, but that doesn’t mean you should use your site as a promotional tool alone. Too much advertorial content will only turn readers off and means they won’t engage with you, so make sure to provide value for readers as well as yourself.

So there you have it—the five rules of producing great web copy. But, even with a few rules in your toolbox it isn’t always that easy to write content that performs, so we’re going to add rule number 6 into the mix—get the professionals to help. Here at Juno Copywriting we know just what it takes to write great web copy, so let us take charge of your content needs and you could get the results you’re after without the hassle.

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