Don’t upset the Panda—get web content that performs

Over the last few months a lot of websites have come under fire from one of Google’s most recent (and major) algorithm changes, the Panda. But, don’t let the fluffy exterior fool you—the Panda is not a pushover. He’s cracking down on sites that are producing poor-quality, duplicate or downright spammy content, so if you want to keep in his good books you need to offer web content that performs.

It’s all about offering value to your target audience. Content that’s of little substance will soon get flagged up, and if you go too far you could easily start to slide down the rankings. Here are a few rules to bear in mind:

You need to be providing relevant, well-written and usable information at all times, even if it’s only on a basic product page, with every single area of your website needing special attention.

You should be including keywords for optimisation purposes but always keep it natural (keyword stuffing is a huge no-no) and of course, make sure every piece of content you use on your site is 100% unique.

Always write for readers rather than search engines, with quality needing to come first every single time.

Remember these points and you’ll be producing quality web content that Google will love, but even if you have been hit by the Panda there are things you can do.

The way to please the Panda is to improve your offering, so start by looking at your content pages to make sure they’re top-notch and consider adding some extra content into the mix as well (blog posts are ideal—the Panda loves fresh, relevant content that provides value to readers), and if you want a bit of help just get in touch. We can help ensure your web content is as good as it can possibly be, so don’t upset the Panda—get web content that performs and you’ll be in everyone’s good books.

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