Five ways to tidy up your messy SEO Copywriting

As a copywriting agency, one of the things that surprises us most about SEO copywriting is how anyone thinks they can do it, just as everyone thinks that because it looks simple, everyone can write a children’s book!

So often, we see badly-written copy that is either overly complex or overly formal. To be a great SEO copywriter, you need to know how the internet works and how to appeal to your audience, so Juno Copywriting have put together a quick blog on how you can tidy up your copywriting for online audiences.

1. You don’t have to describe absolutely everything! Unless you’re writing a Mills and Boon style love story, you don’t need to qualify everything with adjectives. When it come to SEO copywriting, we’re looking to get a message across, not create detailed pictures in our reader’s minds that is ultimately distracting.

2. Feeling particularly creative? Try thinking like a poet and give your work more of a pace or a rhythm. The human mind loves rhythms and patterns so take a look at each sentence, a lot of English uses iambic rhythms anyway so try something new.

3. It is OK to tell stories in your SEO copywriting if they’re relevant but keep them brief and too the point. Try and steer copy away from long passages of speech and try to give more of an overview of a conversation. The key thing to remember is that most people online skim read and if they have to work too hard, the likelihood is that they will bounce.

4. Avoid corporate speak and jargon. Thinking ‘outside the box‘ is often used as is ‘going forward‘ and they are not only clichés, they don’t actually really mean anything. If you can say something in a straightforward way then do it. You don’t have to ‘utilise your talents’ when you can ‘use your talents’. Don’t be the butt of blogger jokes!

5. Copy and paste can be the SEO Copywriter’s best friend. Always assess the structure of your work. If it helps, write a flow chart of how you want each page to flow. As with everything, you need a beginning, a middle and an end, so put each point as a bullet point and get the feel of the flow of your page, of course, not forgetting what your keywords are.

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