Going Organic

We love all things organic, from the finest food and cakes, to clothing and of course, the way we tackle how websites climb up the search engines. Every day is  a school day here at Juno Copywriting, working so closely with the Web Design and Development team allows you to learn  new tricks and tips and see how the whole process works.

From a writing point of view, our team knows the importance of unique, engaging content on websites, we can’t say this enough. Incredibly, if content is written correctly with the right amount of keywords and SEO, this alone can help your website climb the rankings ladder.

Although still incredibly popular, pay per click advertising seems a distant vision when you have the power of great copy. Yes, we realise that it isn’t just about writing and by placing links back to your site, you will again enhance your chances of increasing hits, but it makes us a little smug to realise that some of the pages we’ve written, are on page one of Google, when certain words and phrases are searched for and that is basically from copy, which Google recognises as the most relevant.

Google is constantly changing and evolving, some techniques which were used around 5 years ago are now possibly redundant in terms of raising your websites profile, however, what does remain, is Googles’ adoration of good content, indexing pages which are relevant, unique, SEO and keyword rich (but not too rich).

It’s a very delicate balance, like trying to impress an older wise aunt or giving an interesting talk or presentation. As long as you don’t waffle or over egg the pie, you are on track and in line to a happy content audience.

So, in terms of Organic web content creation, we love it, we embrace it and we realise the outcomes of writing content this way.

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